Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Quality Blogs

This is a list of quality blogs that have been kind enough to feature stories on CTP and our request for submissions. A big thank you from the editorial staff at CTP. If I have forgotten you (and I am sure I have overlooked or missed a few) email me to update this list.


Blogger rayhami said...

Keeping you in the loop on the new BUZZ, going around.

A US soldier wrote good provocative new book:
When Kuwait was seized they sent him to help get it back. When we were attacked by terrorist on 9/11 they sent him to help avenge us and then when he returned home they treated him like an enemy. Now you can share in his story by reading about it in his new book, THE ROAD TO AMERICA’S ECONOMIC MELTDOWN, by RAYMOND BERESFORD HAMILTON. It is available on Amazon, Barnes-&-Nobles, AuthorHouse and more.

One viewer wrote:
All Americans need to read this book both conservatives and democrats, it says a lot. It is my wish that we all read it and understand what the author tries to explain to us here in his writing. There are important issues here that we all need to be reminded of. This book is more detailed than Dick Morris' "Catastrophe" or Glen Beck's "Common Sense."
The book is not about the author, it is about the system of government that has developed over time in this country and its attitude toward the poor and its unconditional support for the wealthy. Which are good relevant points.
The people on the Left can learn a lot here, if they pay attention and read it. This is a truthful book that hits home in many ways. It is 5 stars for its honesty, clarity and relevance.
This book challenges the US Senate to do a better job of regulating the economy and to provide better protections for the future generations of Americans to come.
I recommend it for Republicans and Democrats alike, and for anyone who considers themselves to be an American.

2:37 PM  

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Blogger Sugguna said...

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Blogger Dharmendra kumar said...

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Blogger kah vin said...

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Blogger Bikram Singh Majithia said...

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Blogger Seo Sea said...

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Blogger Seo Sea said...

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Blogger Srinadh said...

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Blogger jesi k said...

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